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This actually exists. In 2014. I have a Canadian partner, I am mid transition…I knew I had to be careful but holy shit. This actually terrifies me. How does this make any sense? Why do gender markers even exist on photo ID’s?


But y’all wanna move to Canada… Such a utopia right

This isn’t new, if I recall correctly, and I have not heard about it being enforced at all (if anyone’s heard otherwise let me know). I’ve flown with a trans friend since then, he even gets he’d all through the airport with no problems (neither his name nor gender marker is changed). We flew in and out of YVR. For the record.

Some more info for you!

Friend who used to work for an airline confirms: this law is about identity theft. It’s not about being trans. If you are at a stage in your transition where you look nothing like your passport photo, get a note from your doctor. There have been specific statements made that this is not about not letting trans people fly, this is about making sure people are who they say they are and they’re flying with their own passport.

So, if you no longer look like your passport photo but don’t want to/can’t renew it just yet, get a note from your doc explaining that this is you, you’re taking hormones which have altered your appearance, all that jazz.

so is groot the new shrek or