When The Gigapause Ends



can we have some sort of rule that you cant post spoilers for at least two days so that gives everyone a chance to read it and that way I can cram as much as mentally possible before getting bombarded with amazing shit

i second this. seriously think about how their servers are going to handle this. someone people are going to be able to see more than others before it dies, so give everyone a good enough berth to read it spoiler free, I think that’s only fair!


an erotic poem:

leg so hot

hot hot leg

leg so hot u fry an eg




When a trans person tells you it’s okay for mistakenly using the wrong name or pronouns, it means the instance is forgiven or dismissed and the conversation can move on. In reality, it still hurts but we say it’s okay because we understand you are making an effort to get it right. This is not an invitation to stop making that effort. You are not the exclusion to the rule.


Long, but brilliant, so I’m just gonna put the whole thing here.


Months and months ago, I wrote a post about Tom Siddell - author of Gunnerkrigg Court - and his near-suicide. Among the responses to it was one calling me a shitty person and bad…